Welcome to my site. It is my pleasure to take you on a tour and show you what I have to offer. Each Wooden Salmon is unique and hand crafted, with every one of them having their own identity.

It would be my honor to make a unique Wooden Salmon for you. It is a collectable piece, numbered and you will certainly appreciate your purchase for years to come.

The idea came as my wife and I were driving on the Sunshine Coast of BC and debating about what to bring for an appearance on Canada's Handyman Challenge 2013 on HGTV.

One week before the appearance I started working on what now has changed my life forever. The judges of the show liked my hand crafted salmon so much that they all wanted to purchase it. I eventually sold my first Wooden Salmon to Bryan Baeumler, host of many shows on HGTV like Leave it to Bryan, House of Bryan on the Rocks etc.

As you can see I am in excellent company with Paul Lafrance (Deck Out, Deck Wars) Bryan Baeumler (Leave it to Bryan, Bryans House On The Rocks) and Scott McGillivray (Income Property). All are judges at Canada's Handyman Challenge 2013.

Part of the proceeds from every wooden salmon sold goes towards preservation of our West Coast Wild Salmon.